The Aftermath of December 7 Disaster: 100 Families Receive Assistance
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The Aftermath of December 7 Disaster: 100 Families Receive Assistance

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Over a hundred families have already received their one-off R25,000 payment for assistance out of the 250 files submitted to the Agency for Social Protection following the December 7 disaster. The principal secretary for Local Government and Community Affairs, Kevin Perine, provided an update during a press conference at the ministry’s headquarters at Oceangate House. Despite the positive progress, there were still 200 pending files due to delays caused by incorrect bank details and family disputes over fund distribution.

PS Perine emphasized that the R25,000 should be given to the head of the household for sharing among family members, addressing concerns raised by individuals contacting the ministry about not receiving their share. Although the initial goal was to complete all payments by the end of the year, unforeseen delays have pushed back the timeline for full disbursement.

Currently, 220 people remain in temporary shelters, with the majority at the Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay hotel. Nineteen families whose homes were severely damaged have been relocated to new homes in Perseverance, with 13 families already settled and six finalizing the necessary arrangements. Additionally, residents with minor damages are urged to provide proof and documentation for assistance.

The ongoing efforts to restore stability to those affected by the disaster have been commended, and PS Perine expressed satisfaction with the progress made. Accompanying him was Jancy Volcère, district administrator for English River.

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