Efforts Underway to Assist Families Affected by December 7 Disasters
PS Perine accompanied by Ms Morin during the press conference yesterday (Photo: Sunny Esparon)

Efforts Underway to Assist Families Affected by December 7 Disasters

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The aftermath of the devastating December 7 disasters in Seychelles has prompted swift action from the Agency for Social Protection (ASP) in collaboration with the Ministry of Local Government and Community Affairs.

President Wavel Ramkalawan announced a one-off payment of R25,000 per household during a recent press conference at State House to assist families affected by the calamity at a press conference held at the ASP headquarters, Oceangate House, principal secretary Kevin Perine outlined the steps being taken to ensure efficient allocation of the financial aid.

The Ministry is diligently collecting information and organizing files for each household, which will then be passed on to ASP for payment processing. Rigorous verification procedures are in place to prevent any misuse of funds and ensure that each household receives the assistance promptly.

Chief executive of ASP, Brenda Morin, emphasized the strict verification process in place to guarantee that each household receives the payment only once. Residents are urged to provide accurate information, including identification and bank account details, to expedite the payment process. For individuals without a bank account, arrangements will be made to facilitate their assistance.

In addition to the one-off payment, the government is also committed to assisting with the repair or reconstruction of damaged houses. Individuals can submit invoices for damaged windows and doors, which will be cross-checked with the Seychelles Infrastructure Agency to prevent any fraudulent claims. The government has pledged support of up to R1 million for individuals whose houses have been severely damaged or destroyed.

The Ministry of Local Government and Community Affairs clarified that the one-off R25,000 payment is separate from any other financial aid initiatives by the government. Efforts are underway to provide timely support to those affected by the December 7 disasters and to ensure transparency in the allocation of funds.

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