ASP Workshop Unveils Recent Statutory Benefit Revisions and New Multiple Births Benefit
MNA Michel Roucou posing a question to the panel led by ASP chief executive Brenda Morin (photos: Patrick Joubert)

ASP Workshop Unveils Recent Statutory Benefit Revisions and New Multiple Births Benefit

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The Agency for Social Protection (ASP) recently shared details on eight revised statutory benefits during a workshop held in collaboration with the Ministry of Local Government and Community Affairs. The workshop aimed to educate members of the National Assembly, district administrators, and ASP staff on the updated benefits that came into effect on January 1, 2024. The revision of these benefits was prompted by the need to align them with the current economic realities faced by beneficiaries, as some of these benefits had not been updated for over a decade.

The workshop provided a platform to discuss the revised statutory benefits, including new additions such as the multiple births benefit, aimed at supporting mothers who have given birth to two or more children. Additionally, changes were made to existing benefits, such as the abolition of the R1,500 allowance for registered foster parents, which was replaced by a new one-time rate of up to R25,000 based on recommendations from the social services division.

In her opening remarks, ASP chief executive Brenda Morin emphasized the importance of revising statutory benefits to meet the evolving needs of society and ensure that those in need can access necessary support. The provision of social services plays a crucial role in enabling individuals to participate in the country’s economic development.

During the workshop, attendees had the opportunity to engage in a question and answer session with a panel of experts from the ASP, employment division, and social affairs department. The session aimed to clarify any doubts and ensure that accurate information about the benefits was communicated to constituents.

The revised rates of the statutory benefits showcased significant increases, reflecting a commitment to better address the needs of beneficiaries. From maternity and paternity benefits to assistance for orphaned children and expectant mothers, the revised rates aim to provide more substantial support to those in need.

Overall, the workshop served as a vital platform for disseminating information about the revised statutory benefits and educating stakeholders on how to access and apply for these benefits. The efforts of ASP and the Ministry of Local Government and Community Affairs underscore the government’s commitment to providing comprehensive social security services to vulnerable individuals within Seychelles.

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