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Anti-Corruption Commission Seychelles (ACCS) with ASP staffs

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Minister of Employment and Social Affairs Patricia Francourt launched a series of
training being undertaken in collaboration with the Anti- Corruption Commission
Seychelles (ACCS) for the staffs of the Ministry on 20thSeptember 2021. ACCS will
be conducting the sessions with all staffs of the entire Ministry so they better
understand about the risks, impact and ways in which corruption practices can be
prevented. The sessions started with Social Affairs Department in the beginning of
September, followed by Agency for Social Protection on 20thSeptember. Next
sessions will be conducted with staffs of the Employment Department in the
month of October.

The same day the Agency for Social Protection (ASP) presented its first Standards
Operating Procedure for welfare applications through a half day training with

Minister’s opening remarks can be found on below link:
Ministers speech for Anti-curruption Session – 20 Sept 2021